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Cinematography & Filmmaking

With over 10 years of experience filmmaking, Gab Films has won multiple awards in cinematography and production from the Leo Awards and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards.

Even before COVID was a thing, we prided ourselves on working as a small and nimble team that creates extraordinary work. Our crews are made up of some of the best talent in Vancouver and the people we hire all bring a positive and fun vibe to our shoots.

For us production should be an enjoyable and collaborative experience and we love to work with clients that value that.

Greg Bartels

Cinematographer / Director

Greg is the owner and operator of Gab Films Inc. His passion for storytelling finds him wearing multiple hats as a director, producer, cinematographer, and sometimes editor.

He specializes in cinematography and has won numerous awards for his work including multiple Leo Awards and two CSC Awards for “Hand Crafted”, a web series he produced and shot with co-producer and director Andrew Muir. Those who work with Greg agree that he makes everything better, both on camera and behind the scenes.